SET Baby Grow(Overhead)+Trousers



2-piece set includes Babygrow over head + Trousers

Baby-Grow: Over head - adjustable size, labels on the outside,
you can fasten a pacifier to them, no side seams. 
Allows adjusting and thus gives longer using time. 
Trousers: labels on the outside, patented BEIBAMBOO® cover seam, 
no trouser leg inseam, foldable trouser leg, high foldable waistband.

Generous cut, perfect for all kinds of nappies.

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This set comprises two items of clothing.
Made using a super soft bamboo/organic cotton mix.
Choose size and colour. All items of clothing in the set are of the same size and have the same ribbon colour.

(In case a specific size/ribbon colour/product is temporarily unavailable, we can substitute it for either another ribbon colour or an item in the following size up. 
Please make sure your email address and/or phone number is on your order form, so that we can contact you for your specific wishes.

Very few seams |Ÿ No irritating labels inside Ÿ| Smart adjustable sizes for longer usage


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