Bill Gates

One of the Richest Philanthropists in the World—An Advocate for a Global Movement in Affordable Kangaroo Care for Preemies

As the Cleveland Clinic sets the stage for the 2018 Medical Innovation Summit in October, there is no better time than now to hear the seminal words of one of the world’s richest philanthropist advocate for a global movement in Kangaroo Care—Bill Gates. Just yesterday he posted on his blog page, Gates Notes, a compelling argument that “some breakthrough ideas don’t involve any new technology at all.” A powerful statement coming from one of the World’s foremost leaders, and quite possibly, one of the United States’ greatest innovators of technology. But as an advocate, Bill has been “knocking home runs out of the,” proverbial “humanity arena” since his retirement as Chairman & CEO of Microsoft in 2014.

Advocating for KC (skin-to-skin)

BEIBAMBOO® Advocates of Kangaroo Care

—Bill Gates, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

“Some breakthrough ideas don’t involve

any new technology at all.”


Today, Bill and his wife, Melinda, have many causes they work towards together through their established, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Since 2014, the husband-wife duo, have dedicated their time and resources to focus on improving global health, global development, global growth & opportunity, global policy & advocacy, and U.S. education. Bill and Melinda’s efforts in Global Health, “hits” closest to Beibamboo’s core values and mission in helping treat one of our world’s biggest epidemics—premature births. That is why, Bill’s blog post yesterday, is worth mentioning.

He poignantly alludes to “Kangaroo Care—as a solution … readily available, [that] requires no special equipment.” And, we at BEIBAMBOO® couldn’t agree more!  That is why we at Beibamboo have just completed our final design-cuts on our newly developed Kangaroo top for moms & dads still in NICU. We made our tops idyllic for any body type—male or female. We know first-hand, the benefits of skin-to-skin contact for the baby-parent bond, which is why our design is also made for both parents.  We understand the value skin-to-skin care plays to encourage preemies to exclusive breastfeeding at discharge. Like, Bill Gate, we advocate Kangaroo Care through our designs. Simple, easy, and eclectic to give the mother and baby a confident and comforted state to fully relax further encouraging those exclusive breast-feedings and accelerates the baby-parent bond; “a critical time in a baby’s development,” as Bill said. And, with the bonding and the exclusive breastfeeding comes improvement in a baby’s ability to regulate the body temperature, advance weight gain, and boost a baby’s immune system through the colostrum.

So, how is it even possible for us and Bill Gates to know so much, well, “study after study,” according to Bill, “has proven the benefits of skin-to-skin contact between mothers and newborns.” As, Bill said in his blog post, for preemies, “it’s even better than warming them in an incubator.”  That is why, we at Beibamboo are bringing our Kangaroo top to the global market. The research is overwhelming! Like, Bill Gates, Beibamboo advocates the practice of Kangaroo Care—for both parents. We want families to come together to bond and come out stronger for all the hours spent skin-to-skin, so when the day comes for parents and preemie to go home, the preemie has exclusive breastfeeding’s, and their baby has the immune system necessary to fight off infection all so that “little bundle of joy,” can catch-up with their peers.

As Bill put it, “many lives could be saved with simple, affordable health interventions;” and we couldn’t AGREE more!

So, if you have plans to attend Cleveland Clinic’s, 2018 Medical Innovation Summit, please visit Team Finland while your there, ask to speak with our U. S. Beibamboo Representative. We will be there for the entire summit. If you cannot wait until late October, contact either our U.S. Representative, Sharon McClellan at [email protected], or feel free to reach out to our Global headquarters in Helsinki at [email protected]. Either way, we still encourage you to learn more about Beibamboo to learn about why we advocate Kangaroo Care for mothers & fathers.